8 tips how to build a website that encourages engagement

   13.09.2017 08:06  /   by    Booking & Co.

Everyone agrees that an online presence is a must. However one must also agree and resign to the fact that due to myriad of content present in the online world, it has become an almost impossible feat to both engage and retain your audience. In the past web developers would tell you to be sure tha...

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Copyright free images to the rescue!

   21.07.2016 07:22  /   by    Booking & Co.

How many times have you tried to search for an image to use in your content, only to be bound by copyright? Well we are going to help you out a bit by giving you a list of websites which you can use for this purpose.

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6 tips how to write a good meta description

   30.05.2016 13:27  /   by    Booking & Co.

When it comes to the design and the development of a website, one must always keep in mind not only the usability behind it but how much information it is giving to search engines. The idea is that when your target audience is searching for you on the internet, as a website owner you should be sure ...

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7 tips how to work on your SEO before you even launch your website

   10.04.2016 07:35  /   by    Booking & Co.

Imagine this scenario - you are working on a new project and as part of the marketing effort you have decided that you need a website. However since there is a long way to go in order to launch the project, a decision was taken to leave the website for the end.

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Job Vacancy: Senior Backend Developers

   15.02.2016 11:41  /   by    Booking & Co.

Booking & Co, home of addaJet and Abakus, are searching for Senior Backend Developers to join their team, with 3+ years of professional experience.

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How to create content which attracts attention

   04.02.2016 07:12  /   by    Booking & Co.

How does a fish feel when it is trying to swim upstream? That is exactly the feeling which companies and businesses are nowadays feeling when they are trying to market themselves online. Even though access to social media and to modern technologies has made our lives easier when it comes to the to...

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Wanted Front End Developers

   27.05.2015 08:23  /   by    Booking & Co.

Are you ready to join a young and dynamic team specialising in travel technology? If your answer is yes, we are waiting for you.

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10 easy tips to refresh your blog

   19.05.2015 07:17  /   by    Booking & Co.

Are you stuck in a rut when it comes to your blog? Do not fret! We are giving 10 easy tips on how to refresh your blog's content.

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How to optimise images for SEO purposes

   06.04.2015 07:58  /   by    Booking & Co.

Writing good content is not enough for your website to rank high in search engine results. Below you have some tips on how to optimise images for search engines.

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Is your website optimised for mobile devices?

   03.03.2015 15:59  /   by    Booking & Co.

How much time do you spend browsing the internet on your smartphone? A lot? Then unconsciously you already know the importance of having a mobile optimised website. What are you waiting for?

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Career Opportunity - Web Developer & Web Designer

   05.01.2015 10:30  /   by

Booking & Co, home of addaJet and Abakus, are searching for web developers and web designers to join their team. Web Developers The ideal candidate should have strong programming skills and be knowledgeable in the following technologies: C# ASP.NET Microsoft SQL Server HTML ...

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addaJet to be present at the World Travel Market 2012

   23.10.2012 09:09  /   by    addaJet

For the third consecutive year addaJet will be present at the 2012 World Travel Market in London, deemed by many as being one of the most influential travel trade shows in Europe. During the show, which is being expected to attract over 28,000 visitors from all over the world, the addaJet ...

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10 Things to Post of Facebook

   16.08.2012 14:39  /   by    AAJ

Hotels are being told they need to have their Facebook page (not profile) and that they need to engage their guests. Here's a list of ten things one should post on their Facebook page to help convert strangers into friends, and friends into customers

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More hotels opting for addaJet booking engine

   01.08.2012 08:37  /   by    AAJ

It has been a very busy few weeks for the addaJet sales team, as a number of hotel chains in Egypt have opted for the addaJet online booking engine as their primary and direct source of online bookings. This month we welcome on board Falcon Hills and Falcon Naama Star (, &nbs...

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Top 10 things to post on Twitter

   19.07.2012 10:24  /   by    aaj

  With Twitter and Facebook at the top of the social-media pyramid, addaJet is publishing a two-part article on what to post on these social media channels as part of your online marketing strategy. Answering questions such as "what should I publish?", the following list should se...

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Hotel Reviews: some facts

   17.07.2012 13:14  /   by    AAJ

  Hotel reviews have today become a critical (and somewhat arguable) player in the hospitality industry but many questions were still unanswered. Who is posting reviews? Are women more likely to be critical? Is the younger generation posting more reviews than their parents do? What devices ar...

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SEO for new websites

   17.07.2012 12:48  /   by    aaj

In this video, Google expert Maile Ohye shares some search engine optimisation (SEO) tips for new websites. Updated just a few days ago, this 10-minute video gives the new website owner enough tips to get the basics right the first time. Ideal for those embarking on new projects or commissioning a n...

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addaJet presented at Hotels Academy, Sofia

   22.04.2012 22:00  /   by    AAJ was presented for the second time this year to hoteliers in Bulgaria at the event “Hotels Academy”, held during the Hotel Expo in the capital Sofia. The presentation was lead by Mr. Tsanko Tsvetkov, addaJet's regional representative for Bulgaria. After the official launch at the Vac...

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Q1 Report: Growth for addaJet

   22.04.2012 22:00  /   by    AAJ

The first quarter of 2012 immediately highlights the exponential growth of the platform, with the number of bookings skyrocket to unprecedented level.

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Pinterest: New (Social) Kid on the block

   27.03.2012 22:00  /   by    AAJ

Many have tried to duplicate the success of Social Media giants like Facebook and Twitter. And many have failed! However, Pinterest is growing so fast that we think, that it will be the next big (social) thing!

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addaJet expands in the Middle East

   26.02.2012 23:00  /   by    AAJ

Booking and Co are proud to announce the recent expansion into the Middle East signing an agreement with Evolve, a hospitality consultancy company based in Egypt. With over 25 years of experience in top level management at Hilton Worldwide and other leading hotel brands, the team at Evolve specialis...

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   23.02.2012 23:00  /   by    AAJ

The family welcomes a new hotel from a new market: Austria. A warm willkommen to the staff at Blumen Hotel whose website now features the addaJet booking engine. Also this month: Solana Hotel from Malta and Iberotel Il Mercato from Egypt have integrated our technology within their websit...

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Empowering Inspiration: the future of travel search

   23.02.2012 23:00  /   by    AAJ/Amadeus

A recent report sponsored by Amadeus to study the Future of Travel Search, highlights, amongst other things, the behaviour related to the selection of a destination by travellers from diffferent countries. The report suggests that travellers from different nationalities undertake a unique decision-...

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Clients preview addaJet 3 at Malta event

   23.01.2012 23:00  /   by    AAJ

The new features of the upcoming edition of addaJet have been showcased to the company's clients at an aperitif held at addaJet's offices in Malta. The new version of addaJet brings together a series of improvements that confirm the company's commitment on providing cutting edge online...

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Launching in February 2012

   23.01.2012 23:00  /   by    AAJ

The team at gives a warm welcome to another set of international hotels who have chosen addaJet as their hotel booking engine. In the next few weeks we shall be working with the following hotels to integrate the multi-lingual online reservation software within their hotel website. ...

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Do you 'Like' it?

   12.01.2012 23:00  /   by    AAJ

Facebook is proving to be more than just a fad! With millions of daily users, this social network attracts all kind of people, from all socio-economic background and all age-groups. For some it is a great tool to meet new friends or to reconnect with old ones, but for the marketing profe...

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More hotels select addaJet booking engine

   12.01.2012 23:00  /   by    AAJ

A warm welcome to another batch of hotels which in the first days of the new year have installed on their websites. Welcome on board to Riviera Hotel (Malta), The Bugibba Hotel (Malta), Plaza Regency Hotel (Malta) and The Balkan Jewel (Bulgaria). For a list of partners, kindly visit...

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2012 Travel Trends Report

   05.01.2012 23:00  /   by    AAJ/

The Skyscanner 2012 Travel Trends Report is compiled by the popular European travel search site, The report looks into travel trends across the continent, focuses on a number of key travel issues affecting countries in the news and offers an insight into how people are using soci...

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WTM 2011: a great success for

   28.11.2011 23:00  /   by    aaj

For the second year running, has presented its technology to the industry at one of Europe's most influential trade shows - the World Travel Market in London. With over 28,000 visitors, this show attracts players in travel and tourism from all over the world. This year, once again,...

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Free SEO analysis for hotel websites

   14.11.2011 23:00  /   by    AAJ

For the launch of its pay-per-click programme, is inviting hoteliers to submit their website for a free and complete SEO check-up.

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Facebook hotel referrals skyrocket

   16.08.2011 22:00  /   by    Danny King

A recent article on Travel Weekly highlights how research-based numbers confirm the importance that Facebook plays in the hospotality industry. Article by Danny King

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Hotel chain in Egypt selects

   15.08.2011 22:00  /   by    AAJ

Following the company's expansion in Sicily and Morocco, the developers of addaJet online reservation software have just announced the achievement of yet another important milestone.

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addaJet welcomes 5 new hotels in Malta

   15.08.2011 22:00  /   by    AAJ

In an industry that is swiftly moving online as more travellers choose and book their holidays through Internet, another five Maltese hotels have recently signed up to have online booking engine installed on their hotel website.

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Keeping up Social (Netwoking) Appearances

   29.07.2011 22:00  /   by    addajet

As the spectrum of social networks keeps on growing, and the tools keep on diversifying, it has become quite a feat to keep up all your channels and profiles updated.

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Malta Hotel Sessions: Increasing your clients and your profits

   07.07.2011 22:00  /   by    aaj in collaboration with Hospitality Web Systems (HWS) are organising a series of morning seminars during the month of July, to assist small accommodation suppliers in Malta and Gozo, to take advantage and increase bookings through the internet.

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addaJet takes Catania by storm

   30.06.2011 22:00  /   by    addajet

After only few months of addaJet establishing a permanent setup in Sicily, hospitality operators in the province of Catania have shown great enthusiasm in the internet booking engine.

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addaJet to launch new module for Airport Transfers

   30.06.2011 22:00  /   by    aaj

Testers at addaJet are busy these days as the alpha version of the all new Airport Transfers software module has been released internally. Thanks to this new module, suppliers of shuttle buses, taxis and other chauffer-driven airport transfer services can sell their transport direct through their ow...

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Maximum Revenue Through Direct Online Bookings

   01.06.2011 22:00  /   by    addajet

Direct business in the hospitality industry has seen an immense increase over the past few years as more properties are now offering guests the possibility to book direct through their website. Online hotel bookings have become popular as travellers opt to shop and book online rather than rely on tr...

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New interface for hotel booking engine

   01.06.2011 22:00  /   by    addajet

addaJet has just released a sneak preview of it's upcoming user interface (UI) for the hotel booking engine. This version of the interface promises to offer faster and easier navigation thanks to the new approach taken by addaJet.

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addaJet now also in Morocco

   31.05.2011 22:00  /   by    addaJet

The city of Marrakech, Morocco now hosts the latest addition to addaJet's partner offices around the Mediterranean. “,”These may seem as difficult times, especially for North Africa, and addaJet wants to be there to help the local hospitality industry by providing a solution to incre...

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addaJet expands in Italy, Cyprus

   01.05.2011 22:00  /   by    addajet

Following the succesful industry fairs in Q1, addaJet has launched its strategy to expand in new markets. Thanks to local knowledge and people on the ground, now addaJet is being represented in two Italian regions and in Cyprus.

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Exclusive offer for online channel management

   13.04.2011 22:00  /   by    addajet

addaJet, the online booking engine SaaS that specialises in providing a cost effective platform for hotels to sell direct from their own websites, has just officialised a collaboration agreement with Rate Tiger. Rate Tiger is a leader in online channel and revenue management, thanks to which hotel...

Read More confirms stand at ITB Berlin

   27.02.2011 23:00  /   by    addaJet

The Internet booking engine software comapny based in Malta has recently cionfirmed it's first presence at the world's leading travel trade show - ITB Berlin. Held in the German capital between 9 - 13 March 2011, ITB is an excellent opportunity for players in the travel industry to meet and ...

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Meet us in Milan

   31.01.2011 23:00  /   by    addaJet

The team behind addaJet will be showcasing its range of travel-related products at the BIT in Milan between the 17th and 20th of February 2011.

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Share your addaJet special offers

   30.01.2011 23:00  /   by    addaJet

As social networks become an integral part of how the hospitality industry markets its products and services, the addaJet team announces the integration of shareable special offers at the click of a button.

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Facebook App for holiday booking launched at World Travel Market

   21.11.2010 23:00  /   by    aaj

With a prototype in their hands, the sales team for - an online booking engine for hotels and portals - headed to London for this year's edition of the World Travel Market. In a purple-clad, eya-catching stand in the technology stand, squeezed between the big boys in the industry, th...

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