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   19.05.2015 07:17  /   by    Booking & Co.

How many times have you vowed yourself that you will dedicate more time on your blog, and you only end up gazing longingly at it with the memory of better times?

Keeping a blog updated is no easy task, especially if you are constantly trying to find fresh content.

However we will try and make your life easier by giving you 10 tips on how you can improve your blog with simple exercise which wil only take a couple of minutes each.


It's all about the title

How many times did you wonder why a post did not have a better reach when the content was compelling? Well in such isntance it is better if analyse furher the title. Readers will easily shun your content if the title does not grab them. Syed Balkhi gives the below examples:

Old Title: Using Twitter Effectively
New Title: Six Clever Twitter Tricks to Save You Time

Link new posts with older ones

Never let your material go into waste by letting it rot in the archive. Always try to revive your older blog posts by linking them appropriately in your latest articles. In this way you are not only redirecting your readers to your best material, but you are also reducing the bounce rate on your website.

Update your About page

When was the last time you updated your About page? Most probably it was just the once when you first created your blog and website. It is a good idea that every couple of months you go back to this page and you refresh it with new content. Maybe new team members have joined your company, or else you are now offering a new service which you would like to highlight.

Creative ways how to improve your blog

Add images of your team

Adding images of yourself is great idea of personalising your voice. You might be writing an awesome blog, but sometimes keeping everthing down to earth can make a difference :)

Declutter your blogs

Take a look at your blog section. Is it full with side widgets and scripts which you have added from time to time? Awesome, now is the perfect time to remove all of that noise and only highlight the most important features. You would be surprised how much noise you cna have in one section.

Do not let comments sit idle

The worse thing that you can do is having a comments section in your blog and then responding your readers. Keep in mind that if you leave comments sit by without any answers, it means only one thing - that you do not care about your readers.

Is that the impression you want to convey in the internet realm?

Beef up your contact page

Even though the main idea of the contact page is to have a window of communication available, do make sure that you have extra information on it. It is a good idea to add information like your email address, links to your social media profiles and also specify your preferred method of communication.

Creative ways how to improve your blog

Flaunt your guest blogs

Did you ever guest write in another blog, or maybe got your business featured in another outlet? Then flaunt it on your blog! There is no better way to promote your blog than saying where you have featured. It does not only increase your credibility but it also adds validity to your online persona.

Fix your typos

Everybody suffers from the dreaded typos. However do keep in mind that mistakes in your content will badly reflect on you. Make sure that from time to time you go back to your older posts and double check what you have. Such an exercise will also help you to improve on your past posts.

Add clear Call to Actions

You might have the best content ever, however keep in mind that we need to engage our audience. Be sure that you have call to actions buttons that serve this purpose - either to share your blog or to read a related article.

Any of the above actions will not take more than two minutes to do, however the benefits will be huge. What are you waiting for? Go on your blog and start tweaking :)

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