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   02.09.2016 06:37  /   by    Booking and Co.

Anyone who works with social media will tell you that their daily struggle is that of finding engaging content to use for their online presence. How many times did you end up recycling the same post, or else sharing content from other organisations? Well, that is soon going to finish (or at least we hope). Below you have 10 social media posts ideas that will not only help you in your scheduling, but will also aid in engaging your audience.

  1. Ask a question
    The most basic way to engage your audience would be to post a question. Keep in mind that everyone has an opinion, and most often than not people are more inclined to share it on social media. 
  2. Fill-in-the-blank statements
    Another great way to achieve engagement on your page would be to post statements which would require your audience to fill-in-the-blanks. This would not only help you achieve get responses, but it might also give you ideas for future content posts.
  3. Advice and tips
    Always keep in mind that if you offer content which has some type of value to your audience, this will highly increase the chance of creating engagement. Be sure to provide content which offers either advice or tips linked to your business. This can be done either by creating original content, or else by using other sources to gain inspiration. If using the latter option always  be sure to give credit to the original authors of the article!
  4. Engage audience by splitting their opinions
    Do you want to create a post which creates engagement? Look no further, and try to split your audience with a simple question. For example, Chrome or Internet Explorer? Which such hard-lined questions audiences will be driven to pick sides. To be sure that the question put forward is relevant, try and pick contemporary topics.
  5. Comment on popular topics
    Another excellent topic would be to search what is currently trending and create content linked to it. Always keep in mind that it is difficult to move traffic in your way, however it is easy to try and use the current trends to create engagement.
  6. Invite your own users to share their content
    Keep in mind that your target audience has a pool of content which can be easily shared, if given the opportunity. Are you a gym owner? Why don't you ask those who attend to post their before and after pictures linking them to your page? Remember that users trust peer-to-peer reviews more, and this would be a win-win situation.
  7. Post videos
    Do not get stuck only with content - post videos on your social media accounts as well. Keep in mind that your audience is continuously being bombarded with content. The faster you engage them, the easier will be to retain them.
  8. Nostalgia
    Who does not like a hint of nostalgia? Trends like throwback Thursdays are a perfect excuse to recycle old adverts or articles linked to your industry and share them with your audience. Such posts will also create a connection with our audience, which will hopefully convert in leads.
  9. Use images as content
    Shared content does not have to be about words. Keep in mind that anything visual will always get a higher engagement rate than any other article. Do not be afraid of imagery, and use them as a tool to either promote your product or else to evoke a reaction.
  10. Advertise promotions
    Everyone likes a good promotion every now and then. Do use your social media accounts to offer some kind of offer, however be sure not to spam your audience as otherwise this can backfire.


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