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   16.08.2012 14:39  /   by    AAJ

Hotels are being told they need to have their Facebook page (not profile) and that they need to engage their guests. Here's a list of ten things one should post on their Facebook page to help convert strangers into friends, and friends into customers.

Here are the top 10 things to post to Facebook

1. Marketing Photography

Post those beautiful photos of your property you use for the brochure. Do not post them all at once, but try to spread them over a period of time, keeping in mind seasonality.

2. Photos from your staff

Tell your Facebook fans who is the Chef as well as the story of the eldest room attendant who recalls when all the hotel was flooded.

3. Photos from your guests

Share photos of guests having a good time at your hotel. Always ask for their permission before.

4. New amenity announcements

Let your fans know about new amenities; being it a new indoor pool or the expansion of the children's area.

5. Opinion Polls

Your fans could be your best tool at decision making. Ask them what do they prefer at breakfast before taking such decision.

6. Post content from other sites

Tell your followers about the next big concert by linking to the local newspaper.

7. Competitions

Give away a free extra night or a complimentary bottle of wine to your friends for participating in your Facebook competitions. The more they participate, the more visibility you get!

8. Special Offers

Spread the news out when you are having a special offer. Let everyone know and offer an even better deal to those who help you sharing the news.

9. Post reviews

Post some important reviews or testimonials. Do not try to put only the super good ones, but also some negative ones (showing how you tackled them).

10. Sell!

Invite your friends to book online, preferably offering them a Facebook App to do so. Direct bookings are very important for your business and help in establishing closer ties with your friends. 


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