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   01.05.2017 11:28  /   by    Booking & Co.

In today's day and age businesses will surely admit that it is vital for an organisation to have a presence on social media. Also, with over 1 billion users it is not difficult to arrive to the conclusion that Facebook is the social media platform to be on. Even though it is relatively easy to open a Facebook Page, an organisation’s main aim needs to be that of engaging their audience. The below steps should definitely help you in achieving this goal:

1. Know the best time to post on your accounts
Imagine if you worked on a really good post to share on your social media account. However, if you finish you realise that the stats are not really showing your expected results. When working a post, it is not just the content which is important, but also the time at which you post. Statistics have shown that most people use Facebook in two instances – either when they are moving from one place to another, or else after work. If we had to take a bracket, this would mean that between noon and after 7pm should be the best periods. However always keep in mind that this is a trial and error process – always check your Insights to see at what time did you receive the best feedback from your audience.

2. Make use of good imagery
You could have prepared the best post ever, however if this is not accompanied by visuals you know that the effect is not going to be the same. As the famous saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. For this reason, be sure that every post you prepare is accompanied by an image which sells your message. If you have difficulty in finding good credit-free images to use why don’t have a look at one of our recent articles?

3. Create a Facebook Group
Whatever you are doing on Facebook, a very good way of grouping your audience and to constantly target them is to create a Facebook Group. However, be careful not to let your group die a natural death. Be sure to constantly post regular updates and to keep your audience engaged by asking questions. A very good tip is to prepare posts in advance and schedule them in your page. In this way you would have a week’s worth of posts ready to be automatically published.

4. Run Facebook Contests
If your organisation is in a position to give something tangible to its audience, then a contest might be a good idea to increase engagement. In this way you are not only increasing engagement with your existing audience, but you might also increase your reach by using features such as Shares.

5. Use Crowdsourcing for engagement
The best way to keep a Facebook Page alive is to involve your audience. Do you have a new product which you would like to introduce to your followers? Or maybe you have a new plant at your office which you would like to name? Easy, involve your fans! You might be surprised at how empowering users might feel when you involve them in such scenarios.

6. Post Frequently
The worst which you could do to your Facebook Page is to start posting regular posts, and then to change your patterns to random ones.  Be sure to always keep your pace when it comes to posting – if need be plan ahead with the schedule functionality, and also use the Save link feature so you do not forget about that interesting article which you came across at 1am in the morning while browsing your account. If we head to put a number to it, 1 to 2 posts per day should be more than enough to keep your audience engaged.

7. Follow Influencers in your industry
It is a good idea to follow Influencers in your industry to your Facebook Page, and to also engage in their conversations. You might never know who might be interested in your organisation through fellow industry influencers.

8. Take Part in Conversations
It is very important that if you engage with your audience through your Page, you should also try to converse with them the instance this happens. When your audience feels that they are being listened, the credibility of your organisation grows. Do not let any comments and messages wait for a very long time, and always acknowledge any received questions in the shortest time. 

9. Use Testimonials
The best advert one could have is a real-life testimonial from a happy and satisfied client. Use your own and be proud of it by encouraging your own clients to share their experiences. You will be amazed at how such posts make a difference. 

10. Create a brand
Use your Facebook Page to create a brand – in your daily posts be sure to promote not only your products but also your values and culture. In this way with each comment, with each share, with each activity your audience is always getting bombarded with your message.

11. Use your Friends
And finally there is a reason why you have such a long list of friends  You might never know form where you can get engagement, or better from where you can get a good business opportunity. Start to share your posts to your friends and tell them to engage on your Page. With each share you might never know who gets to read your message.


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