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   31.05.2015 09:11  /   by    Booking & Co.

If you do a quick analysis of your diect competitors on the web, you can easily reach to the conclusion that your potential customers have to go througha  lot of noise to reach through your brand. This makes it highly difficult for you to make your voice not only heard, but also to leave a lasting efect on your potential target audience.

A laugh or a smile, even though ti can be seen as moving away from the general tone of the company, it might leave a positive memorable effect on your audience, resulting in higher traffic and conversions. Keep in mind that elements such as memes have become so popular as they elicit a positive feeling within the human psyche.

Below we are giving 4 reasons as to why sometimes a joke can work winders for your business:

  1. It unites your audience
    Laughs are a uniting factor. Imagine if you had to post a a joke or some humorous content on your page. Whoever is following you will feel aprt of a group, eliciting positive feelings. The more feel good factor is present, the higher the chance that people engage in your content. End result? Higher chance of building connections.
  2. Emotional Response
    A positive feeling will always leave a mark ont he memory of the person. Who can forget the the now infamous Budweiser catch-phrase "Whassup?" Sure it was kind of annoying by the end, however people started to identify themselves with the brand creating a viral effect.

    Are we saying that you need to create something as viral as the Budweiser campaign? Surely it is a bad difficult . however creating a buzz within your community is definetly reachable.
  3. Your brand become memorable

    Sure posting content relevant to your business will help you become a leader in your industry. However one has to keep in mind that the attention span of a person on the internet is very short. From our side we have a very tiny window of opportunity which we have to work it.

    Always keep your message short and simple, however keep in mind that humorous posts might actually have a more lasting effect.
  4. Insight on your audience
    Even though jokes might be seen as a waste of time, these might give you good insight on your audience. Did you share something funny which elicited quite a stir amongst your audience? Then check whoever engaged with that post as you might find a potential target audience which you have not talked to before.

    Who knows it could be that by changing your tone of voice, you might have
    actually uncovered an untapped pool.

Always keep in mind that humor can be a very dangerous tool, however if used correctly can both empower and improve your brand.