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   21.07.2016 07:22  /   by    Booking & Co.

How many times were you preparing a blog for your website, only to stop at that particular stumbling block... images which are free from any copyrighted and which can be used without any issue.

Whether you are writing a blog or preparing a post for your social media accounts, trying to find a perfect image which can freely used is always a headache. You will most often than not either wasting a lot of time to try and find a good image, or else you will end up using a stock image which has been reused over and over again by various organisations.

We will try and help you a bit by giving you a list of websites which you can use specifically for this purposes:

  1. Google Images
    The most obvious choice for you would be Google Images. Keep in mind that when you affect a search, one of the available filters is if the image can be reused or not. However do bear in mind that it would be a good idea to reverse your search and check fi the image can actually be used without any copyright repercussions.

    Google Search

  2. Flickr Creative Commons
    Flickr is another good option which will allow users to search through a myriad of images uploaded by many professional and semi-professional photographers. Just be sure to check the license attributes linked to the images so that you are good to go.

  3. Unsplash

  4. Morguefile


  6. OpenPhoto

    For those searching for images featuring the Maltese islands, is the perfect website for you. This portal, which is curated by the Malta Tourism Authority, offers a range of images featuring the Maltese Islands from a number of
    professional photographers. The only requirement is to credit the photographer of the image itself.

  8. Screenshots
    And when you are in a really dire situation, why don't you take screeenshots and use them instead of original images? Sometimes a screenshot will work just as fine and willl help you in getting your message across. Remember that you can easily create screenshots by using the Print Screen button on your keyboard, or else you can also make use of certain browser extensions.

How to find copyright free images with Google Image Search and other resources by Christopher Ratcliff. Accessed from on the 21st of July 2016.