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   12.01.2012 23:00  /   by    AAJ

Facebook is proving to be more than just a fad! With millions of daily users, this social network attracts all kind of people, from all socio-economic background and all age-groups.

For some it is a great tool to meet new friends or to reconnect with old ones, but for the marketing professions, it is a tool to augment their brands and interact with their customers... or fans. Facebook has suddenly become 'the' medium for permission marketing and for those who master it, an integral part of their online business startegy.

Today we are showcasing some of the most attractive, creative and ingenious Facebook fan pages in the travel & hospitality industry.


hotel urbano facebook

Get as many people to click 'Like' as possible. Visit the Facebook page of Hotel Urbano


Never to underestimate the power of games! Play the Facebook game Hotel City


We all know that they do it. Now we have a proof! Visit the Jumping From Bed to Bed in a Hotel page


Support is king for Expedia. Visit the Expedia Facebook App


Ultimately, we need to convert fans into guests. See how booking works on this fan page.


All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy... Discover the Stanley Hotel on Facebook.

Note offers its online booking engine as a Facebook App to be installed on your fan page. Contact us today to discover how we can help you.