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   23.02.2012 23:00  /   by    AAJ/Amadeus

A recent report sponsored by Amadeus to study the Future of Travel Search, highlights, amongst other things, the behaviour related to the selection of a destination by travellers from diffferent countries.

The report suggests that travellers from different nationalities undertake a unique decision-making process that varies also in timeline. The British, for example take on average 16 days to choose their holiday destination. The Russians take slight more (18 days) and the Americans take about 3 weeks to take their decision.

On the otherhand, travellers departing from the UK are early bookers, averging some 100 days between their decision and date of departure. Russians book some 65 days in advance, whilst Americans book just under 3 months in advance.

In India, this report suggests that travellers take less than 2 weeks to choose their destination and book an avergae of 38 days in advance.

According to the report some of the differences can be accounted for in travel patterns with, for example, Indians travelling extensively domestically thus explaining short booking and departure times.

Data collected also included the sources of information used to assist the destination selection process. Most of the travellers responding to this study indicated the web as their main source, followed by recommendations by family and friends.

Download full report: Empowering Inspiration: the future of travel search