News   /   Facebook rolls out saved messages functionality

   08.06.2015 06:33  /   by    Booking & Co.

If you have not noticed during the past days Facebook has rolled out a new functionality in the messages section, whereby a business Page owner can save predefined messages and use them to rpovide cusomer feedback. The idea behind this feature is to reduce the responding time between the Page owener and the customer, thus improving feedback time.

By default businesses are offered a number of sample replies, however a business owner also has the facility to add to these responses. Does it sound easy? Well, it actually is promise!

Facebook Messages

And do not worry if the the mesages are going to sound impersonal, as Facebook also gives the possiblity to customise them. For instance you can have placeholders to automatically insert the name of the user who is contacting you. Interesting right?

Facebook Personal

Even though it seems that currently this feature is only available to a small group of users, we are predicting that this feature will soon be rolled-out to all Business Page owners. It is important to note that during the past years Facebook has been slowly improving the service wihich they give to business owners, from improved adverts management tools to features such as this.

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