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   09.03.2015 10:12  /   by    Booking & Co

Designing and developing a new website is a very easy thing to do, right? Find a developer, commission the job and after the agreed deadline it is released into the world wide web for everyone to see. However how easy, or difficult, is it to keep your audience engaged with your website? We must keep in mind that the internet is nowadays being flooded with a lot of information, thus we need to be sure that our website is not only user-friendly but that it is also giving valuable information that is giving a reason for our audience to visit it.

Below we are giving a number of useful tips of how to update your website:

Introduce either a blog or news section

The easiest way to update your website is to introduce a blog within it. Even though you might not have original content to feature within it, keep in mind that you can easily recycle information found on the internet. Always keep in mind that your audience is always happy to get some advice. From your side be careful that 

Use images

If you do not consider yourself to be a write, do not fret! Who said you cannot use images and videos for your updates? When using such a method for updates just be sure that all of your posts can still be found and indexed by search engines. For instance every image should have an alt text and that file size should be optimised as possible.

Update your whole online persona

Updating your news or blog section on your website is just the start. When did you last posted something on your Facebook page? Is your team page updated on your website? It is very important that your whole online persona is kept up to date. Keep in mind that this might be the only way your target audience might actually learn about you. If you started offering a new service one year ago but you have not updated your website, how do you think will your target audience learn about you?

Even though not everyone might have the green thumb, updating a website can be easily compared to tending to a garden. When left on its own, plants will die out and weeds will likely show up. To fully maximise a website one needs to constantly maintain. Otherwise visitors will lose interest, resulting in a decrease in traffic and search engine loss. Do we really want to kill off our website in this manner?

What are you waiting for? Start writing now!