News   /   Keeping up Social (Netwoking) Appearances

   29.07.2011 22:00  /   by    addajet

As the spectrum of social networks keeps on growing, and the tools keep on diversifying, it has become quite a feat to keep up all your channels and profiles updated.

An online application called Twitterfeed has proven to address this issue - at least in part - in an efficient way. All you need to do is open an account, connect to your social networks and then submit your RSS feed. Twitterfeed will then broadcast your feed to all the networks automatically.

This means that addaJet partners already using the new user interface (version 2.5), can utilise the link to their special offers' RSS feed (located at the bottom left of the experience), and thanks to Twitterfeed have their offers broadcast on social networks such as Twitter, Facebook and even LinkedIn.

We have prepared a short video tutorial to help you set up your Twitterfeed account with addaJet RSS.