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   15.03.2015 16:11  /   by    Booking & Co

Once an organisation or a business has a website the next natural step would be for them to start updating the content displayed within in it. However once the release of their online persona most often than not businesses start neglecting their website and social media. Ultimate result wold be that they start having redundant data showing, which in return would affect their SEO ranking.

Keeping your website always fresh is a positive cycle – you are boosting your online ranking, which in return might help you bring more traffic. Even though this might sound more difficult than it seems, a small strategy plan might actually help any business in creating fresh content on a routine basis.

Find your voice

Even though writing an article might be the most obvious choice… well think again! Your business might involve manual work which would make it easier for the business owner to post videos. Imagine you own a flower shop and you spend most of the time tending to your plants. Why don’t you take weekly videos of such activities? This might be a good way on how to create a weekly tip column for your customers.

Write down ideas on what you want to write about

The story is the same for everyone – you are preparing to write a post, you sit down… and no ideas come. However you always seem to have a good idea while you are driving. Why don’t you create a databank for such ideas? It would be a note pad on your mobile or even a recording. When you save such ideas, you can always go back to them and use them for your website. And if you benefit from such a process, hold a brain storming session often. In this way your databank is always full of ideas.

Break large ideas into small ones

Always keep in mind that the more articles you have on your website, the better it is for indexing. Thus make it a point that if you have a large topic, you break it down into smaller parts. In this way you are not only creating multiple articles, but you are also creating more opportunities for your website to be indexed.

Don’t lose hope – keep on writing!

This is literally a case where practice will make you perfect. If you have just written an article which didn’t get a lot of feedback on your social media account, don’t lose hope. Use tools such as analytics to check which articles were the most popular and delve more into those subjects. Analytics and data is there to make us improve ourselves. Make sure to use them!


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