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   19.07.2012 10:24  /   by    aaj


With Twitter and Facebook at the top of the social-media pyramid, addaJet is publishing a two-part article on what to post on these social media channels as part of your online marketing strategy.

Answering questions such as "what should I publish?", the following list should serve as a guideline to all of us involved in engaging with guests and customers.


Top 10 things to post on Twitter

1. Responses to reviews, comments and mentions

Do say "thank you" when your business is mentioned on Twitter and in the case of negative reviews or comments, do not ignore but provide an answer and, if possible, a remedy.

2. Retweets of positive reviews
After saying thank you, hit the retweet icon underneath that comment so that your followers can also read and share.

3. Retweets of other resources

When you come across something cool, outstanding, or even silly enough to attract your attention, do retweet.

4. Recommend local activities

Whether it's a restaurant, a beach, an event or even a local tradition, share these thoughts on Twitter. 

5. Media coverage

Whenever your hotel/business gets mentioned on a newspaper or a blog, tweet about it immediately. Get the most of media coverage!

6. Questions

Having 1000 followers also means that you have 1000 consultants. If you need to ask a question, your social network is a good source for ideas and insights. Do not be afraid to ask.

7. Competitions

Engagement is sometimes difficult to trigger, but thanks to online competitions, you can achieve high consumer engagement. Ask them to share a story, send a photo or even better, post a video.

8. Real-time information

Keep your followers updated; being it the weather or the progress on the new indoor pool, let them know what's going on.

9. Your thoughts

Behind every account there is a human being (yeah, that's why we call it social!). So do not be afraid to share a personal thought or experience. Make your posts feel human and authentic rather than the outcome of a chore.

10. Recruitment

Hiring? Let your followers know that you are growing and in need of new blood. They might be the right candidate or else they might know someone who is!