[We] integrated the addaJet booking system on our website 2 months ago, and in this short period our online revenues have increased considerably compared to the online revenues we achieved during the same period last year using a different booking engine.

Martin Farrugia Randon

Ramla Bay Resort

With the implementation of addaJet to our website we have seen an increase of bookings by an average of 30%. This has increased our room rate and contributed to our cash flow. Guests have the option to book Hotel or Hotel with Flight. The extranet (back of house) is very user friendly, rates and special offers can be implemented in matter of minutes. A variety of reports are available to help you monitor bookings.

Stefan M. Fenech

Paradise Bay Resort Hotel

Great product, Great team, great service! Booking&Co and Busy Rooms don’t only offer a great product – they also guide you through making your project Your Own; in a way that meets functionality, with professionalism and a personalised final product. Special thanks goes to Vanessa, Kevin, Daniel & Andrew for their responsive assistance and guidance. Will definitely be discussing more projects in the near future!

Mandy Vella

Revenue & E-Commerce Manager - The Preluna Hotel & Spa

We are very satisfied with the service rendered by Abakus and Busy Rooms. In all phases, from website planning, development and implementation, we had found the best partner to give us the best results that we are enjoying today. In fact today we are enjoying a more flexible system and a good customer service that makes our life easier in our execution. I highly recommend Abakus and Busy Rooms for their service and approach they have towards their clients – an approach of understanding and execution to your customised requirements that gives you good results.

Gordon Borg

Marketing Manager - db Hotels + Resort